Description of the project company and presentation of the contractual relationship

For the construction of the hydropower plants at the river Kinzig in Gengenbach and Offenburg the Lahr based project company Elektrizitätswerk Mittelbaden Wasserkraft GmbH & Co. KG was set up. The company is listed in the Commercial Register in Freiburg im Breisgau (HRA 700875). Limited partners of the company are:

·         Elektrizitätswerk Mittelbaden AG & Co. KG, Lahr, HRA 391522 (70%)

·         Hydro Energie Roth GmbH, Karlsruhe, HRB 104189 (30%)

Personally liable partner is the company Elektrizitätswerk Mittelbaden Wasserkraft Verwaltungs-GmbH based in Lahr (HRB 700 728).

Elektrizitätswerk Mittelbaden Wasserkraft GmbH & Co. KG is owner of the water rights for the location in Offenburg. The water rights for the location in Gengenbach were leased by Wasserkraft Kinzig GmbH und Co. KG. A licence agreement for the use of the innovative technology which is supported by the EU in the context of the EU Life Programme at the locations in Offenburg and Gengenbach was concluded with the licence holder Hydro-Energie-Roth GmbH,

Overall costs of € 7,650,000 are estimated for the construction of both hydropower plants. This includes extra expenditures for the monitoring of the ecological condition of the river Kinzig prior and after the completion of the movable hydropower plants.

The implementation of the projects is supported by the European Commission and its Life Programme with a grant of up to € 1,695,000.

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